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Real-time temperature measurement & leak detection

The acoustic Gas Temperature Measurement System AGAM from Bonnenberg & Drescher (B&D) is the leading technology in the determination and diagnosis of the 2D gas temperature distribution in combustions and furnaces world-wide proven in more than 300 installations.

In recent years further enhancement has enabled this technology now to be installed in multiple locations in a single furnace measuring high gas temperatures by utilising the already installed software system with only minor modifications added to a boiler plant.

B&D now looks on 50 years history of engineering development and application of measurement technology and process automation. Now there are more added features and benefits to a clients’ installation by using and optimising and incorporating real-time minute tube leak detection achievability when these systems are installed with no added modifications or equipment introduced.

High temperature panel mount device

  • The physical principle is simple: the speed of sound in a gas depends on the gas temperature.
  • Measures the flight time between symmetrical sender and receiver units. Knowing the exactly determined positions of sender and receiver, the speed of sound can be calculated.
  • This is then transformed to a path temperature. The measurement is free of drift and without radiation influence.
  • Multi path configurations allow a dense mesh of path temperatures & calculates the 2D temperature profile by tomography algorithm. More paths give a more detailed local resolution.
  • Compressed air cleans the system automatically & has low wear and needs low maintenance since none of the components are within the flue gas channel.

Leak detection – now included with every AGAM

Steam leakages in boilers are causing a high background noise which can be detected by AGAM. All microphones of the system are continuously listening to the noise inside the boiler. The current noise values and the development of the noise are displayed in diagrams and trends. When the noise exceeds a certain threshold, AGAM provides the alarm “High Background Noise- Leak Possible”. Evaluating the noise levels on the different microphone positions gives an indication about the leak location.