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Renewable energy plant design – manufacture – construction & installation

Uneek Energy partners use the latest technologies and trends in renewable energies in designing and executing solar power plants, both thermal and photovoltaic.

Our partners installed the largest photovoltaic solar energy plant in Spain, with a total power of 300 kWp


Onshore wind energy

Wind energy is an integral part of the energy mix. Our partners have built 13 wind farms and two test fields since 1997.

We also specialise in repowering wind turbines of the first generation & replacing them with modern turbines.


Offshore wind energy

Our partners, PN Power Plants built the first German offshore wind farm in 2001, the first Wind farm worldwide built outside the 12-mile zone in a water depth of 30 meters.

We have the technological lead for realising offshore wind farms at a great distance from the coast. The requirements for planning, logistics and material procurement are much higher than projects near coast in shallow waters.

Solar plant installations in Europe

Coreses (Zamora)

  • Nominal power 3.7 MWe
  • Fixed system on ground
  • Estimated annual production = 4.6 GWh


• Nominal power 1.1 MWe
• Fixed system on ground
• Estimated annual production = 1.4 GWhh


• Rated power 1.5 MWe
• Fixed system on the ground, with manually adjustable inclination
• Estimated annual production = 2.2 GWh


• Nominal power 1 MWe
• Fixed system on ground
• Approximate annual production = 1.4 GWhh