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Green Energy Management

Uneek Energy provide optimised green energy management for small to medium enterprises. This includes controllable and temporarily flexible charging stations & heat pumps.

It combines the control of the consumers with available energy sources (photovoltaics, storage systems, special electricity tariffs). The logic and administration is on the customer’s hardware, so there is no need to use the cloud & as the software is web-based, like the software for the AC charging stations, and therefore easily accessible and intuitive to use.

Our partners have developed an intelligent control for load management, which combines the current energy mix and the requirements for the charging process. Our system does not create any dependency on a manufacturer. There are also no running costs due to a subscription obligation. The hardware of the charging control uses the modular system of a well-known German component manufacturer. The system has external connections that are protected against vandalism due to the design.

The software is custom designed & pays attention to simple applications & high flexibility when adapting the needs of the customer. Charging can be started using a password, RFID token or company card reader. The charging process can be viewed at any time. We can implement various interfaces to the customer’s accounting systems.