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With AGAM we are setting the standards in 2D gas temperature measurement. AGAM is an important development of efficient and environmentally friendly combustion chamber operation.

Already proving its value in over three hundres plants worldwide, AGAM allows operators to accurately monitor, control and optimize the efficiency in incineration plants, power plants, steelworks and refineries.

Precise measurement of real gas temperature without radiation errors

Created on the principle that the speed of sound in a gas depends on the temperature, AGAM measures the real gas temperature without radiation errors.

Constant precision from 0 to 2000 C

AGAM operates with the same high accuracy across the entire temperature range of the combustion process – from startup to full load operation.

Contactless & self cleaning

As all components are located outside the measurement atmosphere they are un effected by the combustion process. AGAM used compressed air to generate sound making the sensors self cleaning.

High resolution readings for precise analysis

AGAM clearly identifies critical temperature strands that otherwise would be undetected.

Near real-rime measurement

Able to measure 200 paths in less than 15 seconds meaning temperature peaks can be detected and avoided.

Monitor real gas temperature from everywhere

The advanced AGAM interface is designed for portability and ease of use so that you can continuously monitor and optimise your system wherever you are. With the ability to digitalise signals close to the measurement points interference over long analogue routes is eliminated.