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Combustion Management Technology & Tube Leak Detection

We are setting the standards in 2D gas temperature measurement of efficient and environmentally friendly combustion chamber operations.

Already proving its value in over three hundred plants worldwide, operators can accurately monitor, control and optimise the efficiency in incineration plants, power plants, steelworks and refineries.

We measure real gas temperature free from radiation errors. The speed of sound in gas depends on the temperature. We have developed a reliable, simple measurement method that provides temperature information from the combustion chamber with the highest precision.


Precision from 0 - 2000°C

We operate with the same accuracy across the entire temperature range of the combustion process – from start-up to operation at full load, free from drift, no calibration requirement delivering precise temperatures universally in any application.

Contactless & Self-Cleaning

As a contactless measurement method, there are no wear parts in the exhaust gas flow. All components are located outside the measurement atmosphere and are thus protected from the rough conditions in the combustion chamber. We use compressed air to generate sound, which makes the sensors self-cleaning.

Highest resolution for precise temperature analysis

Using a system with the highest resolution in 2D gas temperature measurement, you are able to identify critical temperature strands that would otherwise remain undetected. With an unlimited number of paths, we create a geometrically clear and extensive network which forms the basis for descriptive tomographic illustrations. We adhere to our aspiration to measure temperatures with the highest resolution in every corner of the furnace. With new high-temperature microphones and echo paths, even the most difficult installations is possible.

Faster 2D Measurement with compressed air

We are now able to measure 200 path temperatures in less than 15 seconds. Tomographically determined 2D illustrations can be updated every second. For incineration plants, this means that temperature fluctuations can be detected even more quickly and critical temperature peaks can be avoided.

We have significantly reduced the consumption by shorter signal impulses and simultaneous bi-directional signal detection, halved the compressed air consumption and can continue to decrease it with alternative sound sources if required.

Portable Real Gas Temperature Display - Online Accessibility

You can monitor your furnace wherever you are located with our online interface & concentrate on monitoring and optimising your system. All data can be exported in full resolution in multiple formats.

State-of-the-art software

Our state-of-the-art modular software architecture boasts a clearly defined interface with options to upgrade, back up & restore safely without affecting the core system.

Integrated Hardware

Our integrated industrial hardware is made in Germany and of the highest quality. The modular systems from Beckhoff, which have proven themselves in automation for many years, meet all the requirements and are reliable, robust and modularly expandable. If an error does occur, the system can be easily replaced without the service of a technician or a software installation with a guaranteed supply of spare parts for at least 10 years.

Decentralised digitisation

With its modular design, we offer the flexibility to digitise signals close to the measurement points. This eliminates the influence of interference signals over long analog routes. All digitized data are transmitted via regular network cable or optical fibre. In modern systems with several gas temperature measurement levels or many paths, the length of required shielded signal cable can thus be reduced to a great extent in large plants.